Pot of Gold

In the fold of old
I found myself cold
Cold from the load of needs
Needs that being old doesn’t stop
Pots I heard almost as a wispher
From ear to ear I searched endless
Never stopped even from year to year
Each year it sounded lounder
P. O. T. S it rang on
And now it seems to never stop

Heat from the burning sun
Literally seems to set me on fire
Hot it felt for all I touched
Then news of a shining pot
Reached the coast of Gold
So bold I played a lot with my lot
To make a gain for that pot
For I sought to please my desire

For nights I dreamt of not just a pot
For what use is a pot without lot
So I dreamt some more
With open eyes and the shinning sun
I dreamt of hitting my Pot of Gold on the sands of Gold Coast
So day on day I gather gold bars
Gold bars formed from my very sweat
For each day’s labour is a gold mine
Until the day that my pot is filled
So it shines brighter than the Sun

This pot of gold Will dwell years
After I have passed on to unknown
For I seek a legacy of generations That will forever be remembered
And boldly imprinted on the Sands of time

StoryLine : Inspired by the inner desire to be a person of value and worth. Each day we all strife to be valuable and worthy individuals. Get your Gold and let it shine. Written for the Rainmaker Poet Nite. Written after I heard about it on 02.05.2015

Lost & Found

Being lost or found
Comes to and from nothing
It all roots from what is key
For a moment with just a voice
All seems peaceful and calm
The cheers and jeers
They are but not a proof of purpose
In the city or the jungle
Being lost or found
Depends on your heart
For you don’t need all
But you need the one thing
That calm your heart and nerves
And makes the storm an experience

Storyline: Written on the morning of 22nd October 2015 whiles in a bus at Kawashieman,Accra. Not all those wondering are lost… That may be their finding.

My Heart Sinks

My heart sinks
It was filled with so much love and hope
Love that could contain all that life brought
Hope that looked beyond all the obstacles
My heart had so much ambitions for us
Ambitions of a joyful and beautiful tomorrow
A tomorrow that was above all the hindrances

My heart sinks
I am falling into an unending dark abyss
We cherished each other more than gold
We knew as imperfect and rough as we are
Our tomorrow had a greater meaning
A meaning that goes over and above our pasts
Because from the scars and bruises of yesterday
We have found a more excellent way to tread

My heart sinks
It’s almost hard to hear another sermon
Hard to see the African family as I did before
My past is all they see with strongest hatered
For what is the essence of love and grace
When we can’t see a man transformed

My heart sinks
The African family is a devourer of itself
We say much but have no love for others
Love seeks to respect and cherish others
For love is also giving others respect and honour
To be there for them with guidance and respect
Not to make them fit in boxes we create

My heart sinks
For the African family decides
And it has no regard for the person involved
This family does this and does that they say
We cloth all this with religion and tradition
Why do we destroy each other for what

My heart sinks
For I have seen the worst of Love and respect
My heart sinks
For I have walked through the arena of rejection
My heart sinks
For I have seen my past become my personality
My heart sinks
For I have seen men of the Lord show no love

My heart sinks
For I seek an African and a family
That seeks to show love and respect
Not because we are all perfect and infallible
But that we seek to help each other grow
Even in the hardest of moments and times
A decision that seeks to stand for love

Before The fall

With the joy of freedom
The first couple explored the good garden,
They had the presence of the Good Father
With all the liberties that can ever be,
Adam needed no bow or arrow
To be safe in the jungle with all the wilds,
Adam and Eve shared the purest of love and affection
Free from the large chains of Lust with its numerous tools


StoryLine: This was written  on 15/12/2011 at Cape Coast around a time where I was contemplating whether to leave my current job for another opening or stay with hopes of getting better conditions. Moving was an exciting decision in case you want to know what I did.


Glory Be to God, My Christ Is Risen
Beyond the Marbles and Gravels
What a marvel to the devil
He meant it evil
Not even the Levis saw this level
My Joy uproars for a Royal I am
Now and even beyond this firmament
I am a royal of the highest order
He Reigns so I reign here and beyond

Glory Be to God, My Christ Is Risen
He calls me a Son not stone
Far from my stock and make
How peaceful and marvelous
That the many ways of the Evil one
Have all come to nothing
Not a knot on my Lifeline
was enough to puff my timeline
I see beyond the saes of no ends
My desires are sealed on the Cross
Truly it is Finished
Truly He is Risen

StoryLine: There is no such joy that can be compared to the fact and knowledge that the source of our salvation, Jesus Christ after being crucified refused to remain in the grave. He arose and will forever be a risen King and Saviour. Happy Easter ☺

©Elvis Kyere-Gyeabour 2015

Love Is Here

Without a leading or letting
My heart began a desire
On its own accord without my call
To get to know you beyond the sights
We shared words and more
Of who we truly are with no pretense
We talked for short and long
We endured and ignored as pleasing

Our egos and joys
All mixed in a way we can’t undo
We laughed and smiled
And enjoyed every moment
We cherished the chats and the smiles
we couldn’t do without them
And in the flow we found ourselves

We talked unending on and on
Through the night with all joy
Of our love and happiness
And how we want to be together
To spend each minute to share our love
Then our journey with love began
our lives now radiates joy unlimited
Each passing moment is filled with love
We are glad Love is here and with us

smile be happy and live

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